SAP TCodes Start with IW

TCode IW*
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
IW00   (empty) CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW12   Document flow list CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW13   Material Where-used List PM-WOC-MH   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW20   Quality Notification No. Assignment CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW21   Create PM Notification - General CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW22   Change PM Notification CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW23   Display PM Notification CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW24   Create PM Malfunction Report CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW25   Create PM Activity Report CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW26   Create Maintenance Request CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW27   Set deletion flag f. PM notification CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW28   Change Notifications CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW29   Display Notifications CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW29WP   IW29 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp QM   QM   SAP_APPL  
IW30   Notification List (Multi-Level) CRM-CIC   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW31   Create Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW33   Display PM Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW34   PM Order for PM Notification CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW36   Create PM Sub-Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW37   Change Operations CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW37N   Change Orders and Operations PM   PM   EA-APPL  
IW38   Change PM Orders CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW39   Display PM orders CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW39_PM_ORDER1   Detail Display for Mini-App PM_ORDER PM   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW39_PM_ORDER2   Variant Maint. for Mini-App PM_ORDER PM   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW39_WP   IW39 - Call from Workplace/Mini-App PM-WOC   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW3D   Print Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW3K   Change order component list PM-WOC-MH   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW3L   Display Order Component List PM-WOC-MH   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW3M   List of Goods Movements for Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW40   Display Orders (Multi-Level) CRM-CIC   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW40N   Operation Cost Overview CO   CO   SAP_APPL  
IW41   Enter PM Order Confirmation CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW42   Overall Completion Confirmation CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW43   Display PM Order Confirmation CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW44   PM Order Collective Confirmation CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW45   Cancel PM Order Confirmation CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW46   Postprocessing of PDC Error Records CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW47   Confirmation List CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW48   Confirmation using operation list CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW49   Display Operations CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW49N   Display Orders and Operations PM   PM   EA-APPL  
IW51   Create Service Notification-General CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW52   Change Service Notification CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW53   Display Service Notification CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW54   Create Service Notification-Malfn. CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW55   Create Activity Report CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW56   Create service request CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW57   Set Deletion Flag For Notification CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW58   Change Service Notifications CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW59   Display Service Notifications CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW61   Create Historical PM Order PM-WOC-MH   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW62   Change Historical Order PM-WOC-MH   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW63   Display Historical PM Order PM-WOC-MH   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW64   Change Activities CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW65   Display activities CRM-MSE   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW66   Change Tasks CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW67   Display Tasks CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW68   Change Notification Items CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW69   Display Notification Items CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW70   Orders Overall Network Scheduling CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW72   Change Service Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW73   Display Service Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW74   Change Contract for Serviceable Item CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW75   Display Serviceable Item Contract CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IW81   Create Refurbishment Order PM-EQM-EQ   PM   SAP_APPL  
IW8W   Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IWBK   Material availability information CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IWCS   (empty) CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
IWP01   Audit Package Handling BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_AREA   Define Audit Area BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_CALLBACK_DEFINE   Define Callback Destination BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_COMPARE_AREA   Compare Audit Area with Meta-Data BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_CREP   Content Repos. Retention Warehouse BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_IMG   IMG of Retention Warehouse BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_LOAD_REPOS   Load Repositors from Metadata BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_LOG_DISPLAY_EXT   Display Logs - extended BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_LPD_AP_ADM   Launchpad for AP Administration BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_LPD_PRODLIAB   Launchpad for Product Liability BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_LPD_TAX   Launchpad for Tax BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_QUERY_EXPORT   Export Query Results BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_REPOS   Maintenance of Repository BC-ILM-IRM   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IWP_REPOS_OT   Repository Structures f. Object Type BC-ILM-IRM   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IWP_REUSE_DEFINE   Define InfoObjects to Be Reused BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_VC_AREA_SF   Maintanance of the Audit Areas BC-ILM-IRM   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IWP_VC_WPP   Maintanance of the AuditP. Template BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_VIEWLOG   Data View Files BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_VPROV_CREATE   Create a VirtualProvider BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_VPROV_DEFINE   Define Content of VirtualProvider BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_WP_DELETE   Delete Content of an Audit Package BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWP_WP_GENERATE   Generate Content for Audit Package BC-ILM-RW   BC   SAP_ABA  
IWR1   Create / Change Revision PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
IWR2   Display Revision PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
IWWW   Create Service Notification (WWW) PM   PM   SAP_APPL  
TCodes by Each Module
AC 83
AIE 260
AP 1,210
BC 4,024
BW 1,091
CA 10,821
CO 1,733
CRM 27,278
CS 15
DI 40
EC 853
EHS 1,882
EP 377
FI 7,355
FIN 2,609
FS 4,012
GRC 710
ICM 1,543
IM 303
IS-A 569
IS-AD 357
IS-B 1,844
IS-DFS 492
IS-EC 233
IS-H 361
IS-HT 314
IS-M 3,306
IS-MP 166
IS-OIL 1,906
IS-PS-CA 152
IS-REA 178
IS-T 76
IS-U 1,961
KM 165
LE 842
LO 3,713
MM 1,028
OPU 169
PA 4,805
PE 787
PLM 382
PM 1,238
PP 1,824
PPM 482
PS 665
PSM 2,183
PT 898
PY 24,824
QM 350
RE 2,439
SCM 88
SD 1,445
SLL 1,578
SRM 1,726
SV 1,412
TR 367
WEC 112
WP 26
XAP 62