SAP TCodes Start with OF

TCode OF*
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
OF01   Maintain FM Area TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OF03   Transfer Cash Holdings TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OF05   Activate/Deactivate Cash Budget Mgt TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OF06   Commt Item for Unassgd Revs/Exps TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OF07   Cash Budget Mgt Consistency Check TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OF09   Funds Management Consistency Check CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF12   FM: Maintain Budget Profile PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF13   (empty) CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF14   Set Up FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF15   Maintain FM Area - Funds Management CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF16   Activate/Deactivate Funds Management CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF18   Assign Company Code to FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF19   Maintain Number Range: FM_BELEG2 CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF20   FM Budget Avail.Control Tolerances PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF21   FM: Budget Versions PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF22   Financial Budgeting Versions CA-GTF-BS   CA   BBPCRM  
OF23   Availability Control Tolerances PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF24   Assign Default Funds Center CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF28   Maintain Commitment Type Profile PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF29   Settings for the Payment Transfer FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OF30   Assign FY Variant to FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF31   Assign Plan Profile to FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF32   Assign FY Variant to FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF33   Assign Number Range to FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF34   Assign Budget Profile to FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF35   Assign Status Profile to FM Area CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OF36   User-Dependent Profile Maintenance FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OF37   Assign FS Profile to FM Area FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OF38   Assign cmmt type profile to FM area PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF39   Customized update profile PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OF40   Activate Funds Management and HR FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OF41   Define Default FM-PM Account Asst FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OF4A   Categories PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF4B   Assign transaction/subtransaction PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF4C   Calculate Budget Surcharges PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OF51   Nummernkreispflege: FM_CTRNR01 FI-FM   FI   SAP_FIN  
OF52   Maintain RFC Dest.for FM Pos.Mgt FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OFAK   Activate/Deactivate PPA PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFB2E1   RFC Connections for IC Reconciliatn FI   FI   EA-FIN  
OFB2E2   e-mail Templates for IC Reconciliatn FI   FI   EA-FIN  
OFB2E3   Define Reconciliation Criteria FI   FI   EA-FIN  
OFB2E_CNUM   Company IDs in External System FI   FI   EA-FIN  
OFBL   Budgetary ledger account derivation PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFBLBW   Budgetary Ledger BW Extractors PSM-FG   PSM   EA-PS  
OFBW   Classify Movement Types FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OFC1   Assign FM Area to CO Area PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFC2   Nummernkreispflege: FM_BELEGCO FI-FM   FI   SAP_FIN  
OFC3   Year-Dependent Assignment PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFC4   Assign CO Transctns for FM Recording PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFCA   FM: Budget Calculation PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFCC   Cover Eligibility Restrictions PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFCL   Rules for Closing Ledger Accounts PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFCV   Settings for Cover Eligibility PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFD1   Cash Bdgt Mgt: Delete Master Data CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFD2   Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Act.Data TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFD3   Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Plan Data TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFD5   Delete Funds and Application of Fnds CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFD7   Funds Management: Delete Budget PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFD8   Delete Commitment Item From G/L Acct CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFDA   FM Areas - Year-Dependent Parameters CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFDB   Finanzstelle für Budgetierung PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFDC   Real Estate Implementation Guide CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFDE   FM: Delete Cmmt Items in FM Area FI-FM   FI   SAP_FIN  
OFDF   Delete Funds Centers in FM Area PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFDG   Delete Funds Centr in Hierarchy Var. PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFDH   Funds Management: Delete CO Actuals PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFDM1   Delete Earmarked Funds by Client FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFDM2   Delete Selection of Earmarked Funds FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFDSM   Delete Status Management Entries PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFE1   Maintain Resvtn Doc.Types for HR/PM FI-FM   FI   SAP_FIN  
OFED   Create Template for Commitment Items PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFES   Create Characters for Cmt Itm Templ. PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFEW   Einwohnerzahl pro Finanzkreis PSM-FM-IS   PSM   EA-PS  
OFFNUMLV   Obsolete: Assignment of Act Numb.Grp FI   FI   SAP_FIN  
OFFNUMLV2   Assign Number Ranges for ODN LV FI   FI   SAP_FIN  
OFFP   Maxium amount limit PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFFPMG   Fast Pay material group PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFFT   Create FM fund types PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFG1   Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over All Docs TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFG2   Cash Budget Mgt: Take Over MM Data TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFG3   Cash Bdgt Mgt:Take Over Fds Res Data TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFG4   Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over Pymt Tsfr TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFG5   Funds Mgmt: Take Over All Documents TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFG6   Funds Mgmt: Take Over MM Data TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFG8   Funds Mgmt: Take Over Pymt Tfr Data TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFG9   CBM: Gradual FI Data Transfer TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFGA   CBM: FI Data Transfer in Full TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFGB   Funds Mgmt: Gradual FI Data Transfer TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFGC   Funds Mgmt: FI Data Transfer in Full TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFGD   Customize Budgeting FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OFGE   Cash Holding Years TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFGG   Copy Commitment Item To G/L Account TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFGH   Sequence In Generic Arguments CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFGR   Create user groups PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFIR   (Penalty) Interest rate entries PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFIV   Invoice verification rules for PPA PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFK1   Maintain Criteria Type Cmmt. Item CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFK2   Maintain Criteria Category Group CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFK3   Assign Crit.Cat. to Crit.Cat.Group CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFK4   Maintain Criteria CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFKA   Maintain Carryfwrd Values Tot. Rec. CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFKT   Generic in Revenues Incr. Budget PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFKT2   FM Account Assignment Settings PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFM01A   Create Doc. Type and Clearing Item TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFMBG0   Activating public-owned comm. oper. PSM-FM-PO   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMBG1   Maintain PCO PSM-FM-PO   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMBG2   Maintain Input Tax Deduction Rates PSM-FM-PO   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMBG3   Maintain Global Data PSM-FM-PO   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMCA_P000   Account Determination: Rec/Pay IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P001   Account Determination: Rev/Expense IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P010   Derive Transactions for Acct Balance IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P020   Ranking Order Funds Application Sel. IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P030   Write Off Additional Specifications IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P040   Petty Amounts for Mass Write-Off IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P100   Paymt Medium - ID Application Form IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P110   Switch off Acct Asmnt on RE Contract IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P200   Document Interface PSM-FM =>IS-PS-CA IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P201   Doc. Type Assgnmnt PSM-FM =>IS-PS-CA IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P203   IS-PS-CA Clearing Account Assignment IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P204   Document Interface PSM-FM =>IS-PS-CA IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P205   RDCA: Settings for One-Time Customer IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P210   Sender of XML Files to Coll. Agency IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_P220   Payments Without Mail for Coll.Agncy IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_PD05   Default Values: Contract Acct Cat. IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_PGIN_E1   C FKK Acct Determination (Grantor ) IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_PL05   Versions for Plan and Sample Docs IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_PSOBASACT   AS for Contract Objects is Active IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMCA_PSOBNUM   Number Range Maintenance: FMCA_PSOB IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA   IS-PS-CA  
OFMFGRLAYOUT   Reporting Layout PSM-FG   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMFG_ALC   Maintain Agency Location Code PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMFG_PMS_ALC   Map Pmt Meth Supp to ALC and Pmt Off PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMFG_PO   Maintain Payment Office PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMG   Funds Management Message Control FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMM   Maintain minimum & maximum penalties PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMR0   Global Settings for Earmarked Funds FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMR1   Earmrkd Funds: Maintain Lock Reasons FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMR2   Earmarked fnds: Diplay block reasons FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMR3   Maintain Acct Assgmt Transfer Rules FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMR5   Assgt of Activities to Transfer Rule FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMR6   Maintain Template Types FI-FM-PO   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMRO_TKBBA   Recurring Obligation document types PSM-FG   PSM   EA-PS  
OFMS   FM: +/- Sign in the Info System FI-FM-IS   FI   BBPCRM  
OFMTOAC2   Define Debit/Credit GL in FM to AC PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFM_ACT_MD_YEAR   Activate Year-Dependent Master Data PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFM_FM01_KOM   Maintain ID Number in FM Area PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFM_HSART   Maintain Commitment Item PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFNG   Maintain negative grace days PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFNM   Maintain payment term for mat. group PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFN_YR   Number range maintenance: OFN_YR FI   FI   SAP_FIN  
OFO1   OI List Per Real Estate Objects CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFP1   Maintain Transfer Price Number Range PS-REV-TRF   PS   SAP_APPL  
OFP2   Access Seqs: Packing Object Determ. LO-HU-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OFP3   Condition types: Pack.obj.determin. LO-HU-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OFP4   Procedure: Pack.obj.determination LO-HU-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OFP5   Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. LO-HU-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OFP6   Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. LO-HU-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OFP7   Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. LO-HU-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OFP8   Field catalog pack.obj.determination LO-HU-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OFPK   FM budgetary ledger posting keys PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFPM   Change Message Control PS-REV-TRF   PS   SAP_APPL  
OFPT   Maintain all PPA payment terms PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFR1   Cover Pool Number Ranges PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFR2   Assign Cover No.Range to FM Area PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFRA   Report Selection FI-FM-IS   FI   BBPCRM  
OFRB   Report Selection TR-CB   TR   SAP_FIN  
OFRC   Maintain reason codes & their texts PSM-FG-PP   PSM   EA-PS  
OFSN   Collective Expenditure Settings PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFTC   Funds Management PSM-FM-MD   PSM   EA-PS  
OFTD   Cash Management Configuration Menu CRM   CRM   BBPCRM  
OFUC   Call Procedure PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFUD   Distribution Procedure/Line Items PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFUG   Settings for Revenues Incr. Budget PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFUN   Assign Commitment Item to Fund PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFUP   Funds Management Control FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OFUR   Overwrite FM update profile FI   FI   BBPCRM  
OFUT   Totals-Based Distribution Procedure PSM-FM-BU   PSM   EA-PS  
OFY5   Closing Ops for Budget: Approval PSM-FM-CL   PSM   EA-PS  
OFY6   Number Ranges Fiscal Yr Change Docs PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFY7   Number Ranges Lot Number PSM-FM   PSM   EA-PS  
OFZC   Cash Holding Years FI   FI   BBPCRM  
TCodes by Each Module
AC 83
AIE 260
AP 1,210
BC 4,024
BW 1,091
CA 10,821
CO 1,733
CRM 27,278
CS 15
DI 40
EC 853
EHS 1,882
EP 377
FI 7,355
FIN 2,609
FS 4,012
GRC 710
ICM 1,543
IM 303
IS-A 569
IS-AD 357
IS-B 1,844
IS-DFS 492
IS-EC 233
IS-H 361
IS-HT 314
IS-M 3,306
IS-MP 166
IS-OIL 1,906
IS-PS-CA 152
IS-REA 178
IS-T 76
IS-U 1,961
KM 165
LE 842
LO 3,713
MM 1,028
OPU 169
PA 4,805
PE 787
PLM 382
PM 1,238
PP 1,824
PPM 482
PS 665
PSM 2,183
PT 898
PY 24,824
QM 350
RE 2,439
SCM 88
SD 1,445
SLL 1,578
SRM 1,726
SV 1,412
TR 367
WEC 112
WP 26
XAP 62