SAP TCodes Start with PH

TCode PH*
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
PHAP_ADMIN   Administrator - Appraisal Document CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHAP_ADMIN_PA   PA: Administrator - Appr. Document PA-PD-PM   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHAP_ANON   Appraisal Documents - Anonymous CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHAP_CATALOG   Appraisal Template Catalog CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHAP_CATALOG_PA   PA: Catalog for Appraisal Templates PA-PD-PM   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHAP_CHANGE   Change Appraisal Document CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHAP_CHANGE_PA   PA: Change Appraisal Document PA-PD-PM   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHAP_CREATE   Create Appraisal CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHAP_CREATE_PA   PA: Create Appraisal Document PA-PD-PM   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHAP_PREPARE   Prepare Appraisal Documents CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHAP_PREPARE_PA   PA: Prepare Appraisal Documents PA-PD-PM   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHAP_SEARCH   Evaluate Appraisal Document CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHAP_SEARCH_PA   PA: Evaluate Appraisal Document PA-PD-PM   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHAP_START_BSP   Generate Internet Addresses CA-GTF-AP-PM   CA   SAP_ABA  
PHCPADCO   Post Cost Planning Data to CO PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPADMN   Manage Cost Planning Data PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPCLCO   Display Original Document (Cluster) PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPCLPL   Display Plan Data (Cluster) PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPDCDL   Delete Infotype Data PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPDCEM   Collect Cost Planning Data: Employee PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPDCOO   Collect Cost Planning Data: OrgObj PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPDCPY   Manage Data from Payroll PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPDCUI   Maintain Data Basis PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPDETL   Detailed planning PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPDETLC   Detail Planning Cent.Pers.Respons. PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPISCO   Display Original Documents PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPISCP   Compare Personnel Cost Plans PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPISDT   Display Plan Data Changes PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPISPL   Display Plan Data PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPPRMV   Delete Plan (All Information) PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPPRUN   Execute Planning Run PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPRELS   Release plan PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHCPSLG1   Application Log Pers. Cost Planning PA-CP   PA   EA-HRGXX  
PHIN_ORGANIZER2   CALL Record Management from THO PM-EQM-THO   PM   EA-APPL  
PHM01   Material types for Inv. Count IView LO   LO   SAP_APPL  
TCodes by Each Module
AC 83
AIE 260
AP 1,210
BC 4,024
BW 1,091
CA 10,821
CO 1,733
CRM 27,278
CS 15
DI 40
EC 853
EHS 1,882
EP 377
FI 7,355
FIN 2,609
FS 4,012
GRC 710
ICM 1,543
IM 303
IS-A 569
IS-AD 357
IS-B 1,844
IS-DFS 492
IS-EC 233
IS-H 361
IS-HT 314
IS-M 3,306
IS-MP 166
IS-OIL 1,906
IS-PS-CA 152
IS-REA 178
IS-T 76
IS-U 1,961
KM 165
LE 842
LO 3,713
MM 1,028
OPU 169
PA 4,805
PE 787
PLM 382
PM 1,238
PP 1,824
PPM 482
PS 665
PSM 2,183
PT 898
PY 24,824
QM 350
RE 2,439
SCM 88
SD 1,445
SLL 1,578
SRM 1,726
SV 1,412
TR 367
WEC 112
WP 26
XAP 62