SAP TCodes in Module CA-MDG(Master Data Governance) (Master Data Governance)

TCode List
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
BS_CONTEXT   Context According for Global Context CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
BS_INOB   Incident Observation CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFCC   Check DRF Customizing CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFF   Define Filter Criteria CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFIMG   Cust. Data Replication Framework CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFLOG   Analyze Replication Log CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFLOGDEL   Delete Replication Log CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFOUT   Execute Data Replication CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFRSD   Display Object Replication Status CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFRSDEL   Delete Replication Status CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DRFSUB   Subscribe Objects for Replication CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DTCONVERT   Convert Master Data CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DTEXPORT   Master Data Export CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DTIMG   Data Transfer Customizing CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DTIMPORT   Master Data Import CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
DTMONITOR   Data Transfer Monitor CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_ACTIVATE_PROFIL   Activate Explosion Profile CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_CHECK_LINKS   Check Object Relationships CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_EXTENSION   Application-specific enhancements CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_LINK_BACK   Inverse Relationship CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_LINK_TYPE   FOX - Object Relationships CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_PROFILE   FOX Explosion Profiles CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_SCENARIO   Explosion Scenarios CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX0_VALIDITY   FOX - Validity Identifiers CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX3   FOX: Area Menu CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX3_FKO_TEST   FOX: Test for Foreign Key Objects CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX3_REQUEST_NUM   Number Range Maintenance: FOX_REQ CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
FOX3_TEST   FOX: Test Explosion CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
IDMIMG   Key Mapping Customizing CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
MDGCPDEL   Delete Change Pointer CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
MDGDT   Configuration Workbench CA-MDG-DT   CA   MDG_FND  
MDGIMG   Master Data Governance Customizing CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
MDGM_TEXT_DELETE   Delete mapping data for descriptions CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDGS_BRFPLUS_AGENT   Assign Processor to Workflow Step No CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_ADJUST_IDM   Adjust Key Mapping after Client Copy CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
MDG_ANALYSE_IDM   Search Key Mapping CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
MDG_BP_DISP_CTP   MDG - Display Contact Person (Relat) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_BP_DISP_CTP_BP   MDG - Display Contact Person (Relat) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_BS_BP_CRMC_BCSET   BC-Set with Outbound Customizing CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_BS_BP_FMOD_BCSET   BC-Set with Fieldmod.crit. import. CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_BS_BP_SCOPE_BC   Reduce BP Model to EHP6 Delivery CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_BP_WF_CHECK   BC Set with Workflow-Depend. Checks CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_CL_CR_BCSET1   BC Set w. CR Types f. Cust. Like UI CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_CUS_CR_BCSET   Import BC Set with CR types CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_CUS_CR_BCSET2   Import BC Set with CR types CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_CU_FMOD_BCSET   BC-Set with Fieldmod.crit. import. CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_MAT_CR_BCSET   Import BC Set with CR types CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_MAT_GOV_SCOPE   Import BC Set with Governance Scope CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_RS_FMOD_BCSET   BC-Set with Fieldmod.crit. import. CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_BS_SUP_CR_BCSET   Import BC Set with CR types CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_SUP_CR_BCSET2   Import BC Set with CR types CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_SUP_CR_BCSET3   Import BC Set with CR types CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_VEND_CR_BCSET   BC Set with CR Types for Vendor UI CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_VL_CR_BCSET2   BC Set with CR Types for Vendor UI CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_BS_VL_CR_BCSET3   BC Set with CR Types for Vendor UI CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
MDG_DATA_MODEL   MDG Data Model: Generated Tables CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_DATA_TRANSFER   MDG Data Transfer: Upload / Download CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_DELETE_CREQUEST   Delete Change Requests CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_DELETE_MODEL   Delete Active Version of a Model CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_DL_OBJ   Define Object Types for Data Load CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
MDG_ES_TEMPL   Create/Chg. ES Template for Staging CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_FIN_BCSET   Import predefined CR and entity type CA-MDG-APP-FIN   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_GN_CATALOG   Display of Generated Objects CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_GN_IMG   DDIC Generator: Development Menu CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_GN_LOC_SETTINGS   Local Settings of DDIC Generator CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_GN_LOG   Display of Generation Log CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_GN_LOG_INT   Display of Generation Log CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_GN_SETTINGS   Settings of DDIC Generator CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_GN_TRACE   Activate Generator Trace CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_ISS_CUST_TEMPL   Import Self Service custom. template CA-MDG-APP-ISS   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_KM_MAINTAIN   Maintain Key Mapping CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
MDG_MDF01   Master Data: Settings CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_APPL   Maintain Application CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_DEL_BUFFER   Delete Buffered Field Information CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_GEN_AREAID   Generate Application Area CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_GEN_LIST   Display of Generated Objects CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_GEN_TYPE   Define Generic Types CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_LIST_HRY_SID   Hierarchy: Display SID CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_LOCAL_ROLES   Local Role Maintenance CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_LOCAL_ROLESH   Local Role Maintenance (Hierarchies) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_ROLES   Role Maintenance CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_ROLE_HRY   Role Maintenance (External Hiers) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MDF_SHM   Setting of Parameters CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_MSG_LG1   Analyze Application Log CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_NR_ADDR   Number range for temporary BP number CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_NR_BP   Number range for temporary BP number CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TABLE_ADJUST   Change settings of generated tables CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CAT   Catalog of Transport Objects CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CATA   Attributes of Transport Objects CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CATAL   Local Attributes CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CCM   Client Copy - Protection CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CCM1   Client Copy - Administration CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CCO   Client Copy - Object Status CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CC_CD   Copy Transaction Data CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_CC_LOG   Client Copy - Postprocessing Log CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_DEST   Destination for Transport Methods CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_DISPLAY   Transport Container Display CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_EXEC_AI   Postprocessing of Client Copy CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_IMG   Transport Tool: Development CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_LOG   Display of Logs of Transport Tool CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_REORG   Transport Container Reorganization CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_TCATO   Obsolete Transport Objects CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_U1   Copy a Transport Request CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_U2   Prepare Delivery CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
MDG_TR_WZ   RFC Connection Wizard CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
OIF_MAINTAIN   Maintain Outbound Interface Models CA-MDG-RIF   CA   MDG_FND  
SCPL   Screenplay Director CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
SSC_CREATE_ISS   Create Service Request (ISS) CA-MDG-APP-ISS   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000004   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000005   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000009   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000010   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000011   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000012   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000013   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BT6_28000017   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000025   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000045   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000046   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000048   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000049   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000050   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000051   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000054   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000061   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000062   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000068   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_28000069   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000002   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000003   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-FIN   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000006   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000007   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000008   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000009   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000010   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000011   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000012   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000013   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000014   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000015   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BT6_63000016   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000001   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000002   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000044   (empty) CA-MDG-VM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000045   (empty) CA-MDG-VM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000057   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000058   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000059   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000060   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000061   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000062   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000063   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000064   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000065   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000068   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000069   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000070   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000091   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000099   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000100   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000101   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000104   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000105   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000107   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000108   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000109   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000110   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000113   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000114   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000120   (empty) CA-MDG-RIF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000121   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000125   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000126   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000128   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000129   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000130   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000133   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000134   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000135   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000136   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000137   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000138   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000139   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000140   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000141   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000142   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000147   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000148   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000149   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000150   (empty) CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000151   (empty) CA-MDG-ML   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000152   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000153   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000154   (empty) CA-MDG-DRF   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000155   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000167   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000171   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000174   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000184   (empty) CA-MDG-VM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000189   Customizing Activity CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000190   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000191   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000192   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000193   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000194   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000195   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000196   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000200   Customizing Activity CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000205   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000206   (empty) CA-MDG-VM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000208   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000209   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000213   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000214   (empty) CA-MDG-VM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000215   (empty) CA-MDG-VM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000216   (empty) CA-MDG-KM   CA   SAP_BS_FND  
S_BTD_53000217   (empty) CA-MDG-AF   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000218   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_BTD_53000219   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_27000002   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000003   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000004   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000005   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000006   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000007   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000009   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000010   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000011   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000012   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000013   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000014   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000017   IMG Activity CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_27000018   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_E7B_95000001   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-FIN   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000003   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000004   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000005   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000006   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000007   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000008   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000009   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000010   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000011   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000012   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000013   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000014   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000015   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000016   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000017   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000018   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000019   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000020   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000021   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000022   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000023   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000024   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000025   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000026   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000027   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_E7B_95000028   (empty) CA-MDG   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EB5_05000433   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000434   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000536   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000543   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000545   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000634   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000651   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000658   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000676   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000677   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EB5_05000689   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   SAP_APPL  
S_EBI_02000002   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000003   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000004   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000005   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-CUS   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000009   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000010   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000011   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000012   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000013   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000014   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-MM   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_02000015   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBI_19000001   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000002   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000003   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000004   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000005   (empty) CA-MDG-DQ   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000006   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-ISS   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000007   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-ISS   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000008   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-ISS   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBI_19000009   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-BP   CA   MDG_FND  
S_EBS_03000003   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBS_03000004   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBS_03000005   (empty) CA-MDG-APP   CA   MDG_APPL  
S_EBS_03000006   (empty) CA-MDG-APP-SUP   CA   MDG_APPL