SAP TCodes in Module PY-XX(Payroll: General Parts) (Payroll: General Parts)

TCode List
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
HRFORMS   HR Forms Workplace PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
MPSD_CA_CE_001   Maintain table for grouping reason PY-XX   PY   EA-HRRXX  
OH02   Call View Cluster with Subset Views PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH04   Conversion of third party remittance PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH11   Copy Wage Types PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH12   Access View for T512W PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH13   HR Customizing: Wage Type Grouping PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH14   Access Subset View for Check Table PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH16   Call RPUCTF00 with Var. SAP_OH16 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH17   HR Customizing: SI Contrib.Statement PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH18   HR Customizing: Absence Docu. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH19   Access Transaction OH20 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH21   Supply Parameters for PE51 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OH23   Enter Parameters for PUFK PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OOPAYGP   Switch for Payroll of Global EE PY-XX-GP   PY   EA-HRRXX  
OO_POST_ARCHI   Archiving Function for Posting Index PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMAR   Payment Posting Active AR PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMAT   Payment Posting Active AT PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMAU   Payment Posting Active AU PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMBE   Payment Posting Active BE PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMBR   Payment Posting Active BR PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMCA   Payment Posting Active CA PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMCH   Payment Posting Active CH PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMCN   Payment Posting Active CN PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMDE   Payment Posting Active DE PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMDK   Payment Posting Active DK PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMES   Payment Posting Active ES PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMFI   Payment Posting Active FI PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMFR   Payment Posting Active FR PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMGB   Payment Posting Active GB PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMHK   Payment Posting Active HK PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMID   Payment Posting Active ID PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMIE   Payment Posting Active IE PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMIN   Payment Posting Active IN PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMIT   Payment Posting Active IT PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMJP   Payment Posting Active JP PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMKR   Payment Posting Active KR PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMMX   Payment Posting Active MX PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMMY   Payment Posting Active MY PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMNL   Payment Posting Active NL PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMNO   Payment Posting Active NO PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMNZ   Payment Posting Active NZ PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMPH   Payment Posting Active PH PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMPT   Payment Posting Active PT PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMRU   Payment Posting Active RU PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMSE   Payment Posting Active SE PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMSG   Payment Posting Active SG PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMTH   Payment Posting Active TH PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMTW   Payment Posting Active TW PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMUS   Payment Posting Active US PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMVE   Payment Posting Active VE PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMXX   Payment Posting Active XX PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
OO_POST_PPMZA   Payment Posting Active ZA PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PA03   Maintain Personnel Control Record PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PA03_MENUE   Access PA03 from payroll menu PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M00   Area menu - Payroll PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M00_CDCP   DME Prel.Program Collective Transfer PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M01_BEWZ   HR-DBW: Manage Data Records PY-XX-RS   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M01_HRF   Wage Statement with HR Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M01_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M02_HRF   Wage Statement with HR Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M02_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M03_HRF   Wage Statement with HR Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M04_HRF   Wage Statement with HR Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M04_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M05_OFPM   Special payroll process PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M05_OTCL   Payroll driver NL for import process PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M05_OTCP   Combined payroll export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M05_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M05_OTEX   Create Gross Payroll Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M05_OTLJ   Payroll Journal - Outsourcing PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M05_OTMM   Mini master export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M06_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M07_OTCL   Payroll Driver Canada for Import PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M07_OTCP   Combined Payroll CA Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCCA  
PC00_M07_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M07_OTEX   Create Export Data PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M07_OTLJ   Payroll Journal - Outsourcing PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M07_OTMM   Mini Master Export - CA PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCCA  
PC00_M08_HRF   Wage Statement with HR Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M08_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M10_HRF   Wage Statement with HR Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M10_OTCL   Payroll Driver US for Import Process PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTCP   Combined Payroll US Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTEX   Create Gross Payroll Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTL1   Cross Year Adjustment Display PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTLJ   Payroll Journal - Outsourcing PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTMM   Mini Master Export - US PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTU1   IF delete by pay period PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTUR   Tax Services - Reconciliation PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTUT   Tax Services PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTUT_DISP   Display IF cluster tax fields PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTUT_SETUP   US Tax Services Outsourcing setup PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M10_OTUY   Tax Services - Yearly PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRCUS  
PC00_M11_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M15_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M37_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M44_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99   Area Menu - International Payroll PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_ABKRS   Set payroll area PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CALC   International Payroll PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CALC_SIMU   International Simulation Payroll PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CDTA   Bank transfer pre.program DME Inter. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CEDT   Remuneration statement Internat. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CIPC   Check Completeness of Posting PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CIPC_PNP   Check Completeness of Posting PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CIPE   Create Posting Run PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CIPE01   Create Posting Run PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CIP_T_CHECK   Posting: Technical Document Trace PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CKTO   Payroll account - International PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLGA00   Wage type statement - International PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLGA09   Wage type statement (US stand.) Int. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLGV00   Wage type distribution - Internat. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLGV09   Wage type distribution (US st.) Int. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLJN   Payroll journal International PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLOF   Account Statement for Company Loans PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLOG   Overview of Company Loans PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLOH   Calculation of Present Value PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CLSTR   Payroll result International PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CMLI0   Cash breakdown list payment Int. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CMLI0_NEW   Cash breakdown list payment Int. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CMLI9   Cash breakdown list payment(9) Int. PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CPRC   Payroll calendar - International PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CPYS   Payroll calendar - International PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CURSET   Current settings PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CWTR   Wage type reporter PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_CWTR_NO_OC   Wage type reporter PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_DKON   Assign WTS- Display G/L Accounts PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_DLGA20   Wage type use - International PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_FPAYM   Create Payment Medium PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_HRF   Wage Statement with HR Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M99_HRF_CALL   Call HR Forms Print Report PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M99_HRF_CALL01   Call HR Forms Print Report PY-XX-FO   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PC00_M99_OTCP   Combined Payroll XX Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_OTEM   Create Master Data Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_OTEX   International Gross Payroll Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_OTLJ   Payroll Journal - Outsourcing PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_OTMM   Mini Master Export - XX PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_PA03_CHECK   Check results PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_PA03_CORR   Corrections PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_PA03_END   Exit payroll PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_PA03_RELEA   Release payroll PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_PAP   Area menu - Subs. activities per PP PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_PPM   Generate Posting Run - Payments PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_UCRT   Restructure Cumulation Tables PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_UDIR   Restructure Payroll Directory PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_M99_UTSV   List TemSe Objects PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_OFPM   Special payroll process model PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_OTBN   Create Generic Benefits Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_OTIN   Process Inbound PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_OTRL   Release IDocs PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC00_OTTM   Create Time Wage Type Export PY-XX-IE   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC99   Area menu - International payroll PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PCP0   Edit posting runs PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PC_PAYRESULT   Display Payroll Results PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PDF0   Convert form for remun.statement PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PDF7   Delete form in customer client PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PDF8   Copy form from SAP client PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PDF9   Copy forms within customer client PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PDFA   Convert payroll journal form PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PDSY   HR Documentation Maintenance PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE00   Starts Transactions PE01, PE02, PE03 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE01   HR: Maintain Payroll Schemas PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE01N   Editor for Payroll Schemas PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE02   HR: Maintain Calculation Rules PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE02N   Editor for PC rules PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE04   Creates Functions and Operations PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE51   HR form editor PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PE51_CHECKTAB   Check Table Maintenance HR-Forms PY-XX-FO   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PECLUSTER   Process HR cluster PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PEST   Maintenance of process model PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PEST_IMG   Maintenance of process models PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PM20   Statements with SAPscript PY-XX-RS   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PM22   Copy and Delete Statement PY-XX-RS   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PM24   HR-DBW: Display Data Records PY-XX-RS   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU01   Delete current payroll result PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU12   Connection to Third-Party Payroll PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU12_CONVERT   Data Export PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU12_EXPORT   Data export PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU12_SHOW_CLUSTER   Display Interface Results PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU12_SHOW_FILE   Display TemSe File PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU30   Wage Type Maintenance PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU95   HR: Maintain Log. Views & WT Groups PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU96   HR: Maintain Wage Type Groups PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU97   HR: Logical View Maintenance PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PU98   Assign Wage Types to Groups PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUFK   Form manager PY-XX-FO   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOCBA   Off-Cycle-Batch: Subsequent Activity PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOCBLTI   Subsequent Processes for Mass LTIs PY-XX-OC   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PUOCBP   Off-cycle batch: Payroll follow-up PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOCBR   Off-cycle batch: Replacement PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOCLG   OC-Batch: Batch Table List PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOCLL   OC: List of Replacements/Reversals PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_07   Off-Cycle Workbench Canada PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_07_CE   Off-Cycle Workbench Canada CE PY-XX-OC   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PUOC_08   Off-Cycle Workbench Great Britain PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_10   Off-Cycle Workbench USA PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_10_CE   Off-Cycle Workbench USA CE PY-XX-OC   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PUOC_11   Off-Cycle Workbench Ireland PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_13   Off-Cycle Workbench Australia PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_16   Off-Cycle Workbench South Africa PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_17   Off-Cycle Workbench Venezuela PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_27   Perform Ad Hoc Payments PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_29   Off-Cycle Workbench Argentinia PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_32   Off-Cycle Workbench Mexico PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_37   Off-Cycle Workbench Brazil PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_42   Perform Ad Hoc Payments PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_99   International Off-Cycle Workbench PY-XX-OC   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUOC_99_CE   Off-Cycle Workbench 99 CE PY-XX-OC   PY   EA-HRRXX  
PUST   HR Process Workbench PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUST_2   HR Process Workbench (Old) PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUST_LIM   HR Process WB (Some Processes Only) PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PUST_SO   HR Process Workbench (Display) PY-XX-TL   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PZ11   Remuneration Statement PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PZ11_OLD   Payroll Results PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
PZ11_PDF   Remuneration Statement PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000439   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000440   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000441   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000442   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000443   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000444   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000445   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000446   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000447   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000448   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000449   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000450   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000451   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AC0_52000535   (empty) PY-XX-DT   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010209   IMG Activity: OHAXMZ001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010218   IMG Activity: OHAX483 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010228   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX416 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010238   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX515 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010247   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX506 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010254   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX507 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010261   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX518 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010267   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX530 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010271   IMG Activity: OHAXDT004 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010278   IMG Activity: OHAXJW000 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010284   IMG Activity: OHAX0902 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010288   IMG Activity: OHAX0911 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010293   IMG Activity: OHAX0912 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010297   IMG Activity: OHAX0913 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010301   IMG Activity: OHAX0903 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010306   IMG Activity: OHAXDT002 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010309   IMG Activity: OHAXDT003 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010314   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX409 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010319   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX407 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010323   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX482 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010327   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX410 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010332   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX417 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010337   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX413 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010341   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX480 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010346   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX414 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010350   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX529 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010353   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX525 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010357   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX402 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010360   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX403 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010365   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX405 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010369   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX406 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010373   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX408 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010378   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX527 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010382   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHAX528 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010388   IMG Activity: OHAXOCPM001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010392   IMG Activity: OHAX1016 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010397   IMG Activity: OHAXR1024 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010401   IMG Activity: OHAXR1026 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010406   IMG Activity: OHAXR1025 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010411   IMG Activity: OHAXR1027 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010417   IMG Activity: OHAXR1021 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010422   IMG Activity: OHAXDE1040B PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010428   IMG Activity: OHAXOCRP01 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010438   IMG Activity: OHAXOCR001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010440   IMG Activity: OHAXOCV001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010444   IMG Activity: OHAXOCA001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010448   IMG Activity: OHAXOCA002 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010453   IMG Activity: OHAXOCAP001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010457   IMG Activity: OHAXOCPM01 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010460   IMG Activity: OHAXOCMCP1 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010462   IMG Activity: OHAXBEN005 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010466   IMG Activity: OHAXDV001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010469   IMG Activity: OHAXDL031 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010473   IMG Activity: OHAXDL032 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010477   IMG Activity: OHAXDL034 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010479   IMG Activity: OHAXDL021 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010483   IMG Activity: OHAXDL022 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010485   IMG Activity: OHAXDL023 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010488   IMG Activity: OHAXBEN004 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010491   IMG Activity: OHAXDE1048 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010494   IMG Activity: OHAXDE1041 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010497   IMG Activity: OHAXDE1044 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010500   IMG Activity: OHAXDE1043 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010503   IMG Activity: OHAXDE1046 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010506   IMG Activity: OHAXBEN001 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010510   IMG Activity: OHAXBEN002 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010514   IMG Activity: OHAXBEN003 PY-XX   PY   SAP_HRRXX  
S_AHR_61010517   IMG Activity: OHAXFOPJ203 PY-XX