SAP TCodes Start with IT

TCode IT*
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
IT01   Maintain IDES path for Internet BC-DWB-SEM   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IT03   Test IAC: internal development BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IT12   Test IAC language-dependent BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IT13   Test IAC: language-independ template BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IT18   Test IAC: start service via call TA BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IT19   Test IAC: Call Trans Skip Screen BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IT50   IAC Test Includes BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
IT5200   ITS Test Transaction with S Message BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
ITAGCYCALL   Call Agency Coll. with Activity FS-CD   FS   INSURANCE  
ITAGCYCOINS   Agency Collections: Coins Shares FS-CD   FS   INSURANCE  
ITAGCYCOMMCTRL   Agency Coll.: Commission Monitoring FS-CD   FS   INSURANCE  
ITAGCYCOSTCTRL   Agency Collections: Cost Control FS-CD   FS   INSURANCE  
ITAGCYCUST   IMG Activities for Agency Coll. FS-CD   FS   INSURANCE  
ITAGCYSUBCOMMCLR   Agency Coll.: Clear Stat. Comm. FS-CD   FS   INSURANCE  
ITAGCY_NO   Number Range Maintenance: BRO_CONTH FS-CD   FS   INSURANCE  
ITBLIST   Italy Black List Declaration FI-LOC   FI   SAP_FIN  
ITL_DIG_SIGN_GAPS   Official document number Gaps CRM-LOC   CRM   BBPCRM  
ITL_OFDNUM_SNRO   Number range maintenance: ITL_OFDNUM CRM-LOC   CRM   BBPCRM  
ITMF_NF_ACCT   Accounting Nota Fiscal Writer FI-LOC   FI   SAP_APPL  
ITMOBILE00   Test Transaction for Mobile Devices BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
ITMOBILE01   Test Transaction for Mobile Devices BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
ITMOBILE02   Test Transaction for Voice Input BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
ITRBX   Test IAC for sapjulep Rabaxes BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
ITSMOBILE_CERT_VOICE   ITSmobile Voice Certification BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
ITSR00   Foreign Trade Declaration (Generic) CA-GTF-CSC   CA   BBPCRM  
ITSR02   FTRD Customizing Check Report CA-GTF-CSC   CA   BBPCRM  
ITS_DOCU   ITS SAP Script Documentation CA-GTF-TS   CA   SAP_ABA  
ITVAT_D   VAT report for Italy: detailed list FI-CA   FI   FI-CA  
ITVAT_M   Monthly VAT report for Italy FI-CA   FI   FI-CA  
ITVAT_Q   VAT quarterly report for Italy FI-CA   FI   FI-CA  
ITVCL   Vendor Customer List (Italy) FI-LOC   FI   SAP_FIN  
ITW5200   Wrapper for it5200 BC-FES-ITS   BC   SAP_BASIS  
TCodes by Each Module
AC 83
AIE 260
AP 1,210
BC 4,024
BW 1,091
CA 10,821
CO 1,733
CRM 27,278
CS 15
DI 40
EC 853
EHS 1,882
EP 377
FI 7,355
FIN 2,609
FS 4,012
GRC 710
ICM 1,543
IM 303
IS-A 569
IS-AD 357
IS-B 1,844
IS-DFS 492
IS-EC 233
IS-H 361
IS-HT 314
IS-M 3,306
IS-MP 166
IS-OIL 1,906
IS-PS-CA 152
IS-REA 178
IS-T 76
IS-U 1,961
KM 165
LE 842
LO 3,713
MM 1,028
OPU 169
PA 4,805
PE 787
PLM 382
PM 1,238
PP 1,824
PPM 482
PS 665
PSM 2,183
PT 898
PY 24,824
QM 350
RE 2,439
SCM 88
SD 1,445
SLL 1,578
SRM 1,726
SV 1,412
TR 367
WEC 112
WP 26
XAP 62