SAP TCodes in Module LO-MD(Logistics Basic Data) (Logistics Basic Data)

TCode List
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
BD10   Send Material LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
BD11   Get Material LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
BD12   Send customer LO-MD-BP   LO   SAP_APPL  
BD13   Get customer LO-MD-BP   LO   SAP_APPL  
BD14   Send vendor LO-MD-BP-VM   LO   SAP_APPL  
BD15   Open vendor LO-MD-BP-VM   LO   SAP_APPL  
CFE03   Export iPPE Objects to cFolders LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
CFI03   Import iPPE Objects from cFolders LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
CMIG   iPPE Migration Tool LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
CMPRO   Category Management:Project Mainten. LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
CSRC_TRACE   Switch for BOM Recursion Trace LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
DMF_RFCLOG   DMF RFC application log LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
DUMMY_MASS_EINE   Dummy transaction for mail execution LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
DUMMY_MASS_EKKO   Dummy transaction for mail execution LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
DUMMY_MASS_MARC   Dummy transaction for mail execution LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
DUMMY_MASS_VENDOR   Load programs global data LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
EANCONSISTENCYCHECK   Change Materials Regarding EAN Attr. LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
EANGLN   Maintain: Global Location Number LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
EANPROCESS   IO Processes to be Mapped for EAN LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
EANUG   EAN.UCC (UoM Grouping criteria) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
EANVENDOR   Maintain Vendor EANs LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
FRE14   Transfer of reference assignm data LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
FRE15   Deletion of reference data LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
FRE32   Calculate planned delivery time LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
GDS_MATERIAL_EXTRACT   Extraction of Materials for GDS LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
IQ10   Change UII LO-MD-UID   LO   SAP_APPL  
IQ11   Display UII LO-MD-UID   LO   SAP_APPL  
IUID_GENERATE   Generation of Internal UIIs LO-MD-UID   LO   SAP_APPL  
IUID_MAN_MAINT   Create IUID Change Messages Manually LO-MD-UID   LO   SAP_APPL  
MAL1   Create material via ALE LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MAL2   Change material via ALE LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MASS_EINE   Inforecord Mass Maintenance LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
MASS_EKKO   PO mass maintenance LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
MASS_MARC   Logistic/Replenishment Mass Maint. LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
MASS_VENDOR   Vendor Mass Maintenance LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
MATGRP01   Create Article Hierarchy LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
MATGRP02   Change Article Hierarchy LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
MATGRP03   Display Article Hierarchy LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
MATGRP04   Delete Article Hierarchy LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
MATGRP05   Activate Article Hierarchy LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
MATGRP06   Article Hierarchy: Copy Nodes LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
MATGRP07   Deactivate Article Hierarchy LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
MCOMP   Compare Material LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MCOMPC   Custom. Material Master Comp. Progr. LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MDMC   Send Customers (MDM) LO-MD-BP   LO   SAP_APPL  
MDMV   Send Vendors (MDM) LO-MD-BP   LO   SAP_APPL  
MES11   Sustainability Info Records LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGVEXTOBJ   Maintain Mass Maintenance Objects LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
MGV_MAPALE   Mapping externa/internal number ALE LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
MGV_OMSL   Maintain TMCNV for long material no. LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
MGW0   Create Components for Set Material LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW1   Display Components for Set Material LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW2   Create Components for Display Matl LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW3   Display Components for Display Matl LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW4   Create Components for Prepack Matl LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW5   Display Components for Prepack Matl LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW6   Create Components for Full Product LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW7   Display Components for Full Product LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW8   Change Components for Set Material LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGW9   Change Components for Display Matl LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGWA   Change Components for Prepack LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MGWB   Change Components for Full Product LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MKOP   Call Up Material Master-Copier LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
MM91   Delete ALE Appl. Log for Matl Master LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MMCC   Copy Material LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MMCU   Customizing Material Master Copier LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
MMLS   Logistic Switch (Not Released) LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
MVD_CUST   Cutosmizing: Material Versions LS1A LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
OMES1   Maintain Number Range for Mater. Sus LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMSFIX   Maintain Lock-Relevant Indicator LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMSL2   Maintain table TMCNV LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
OMSL_DI   Maintenance Table TMCNV in DI LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
OMT2   Required Fields Control MM-BD ALE/DI LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3   Customizing for the Material Master LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3B   Maintain Screen Sequences LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3C   Copy Customer-Spec. Function Group LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3E   Maintain Influencing Factors LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3P   Maint. Status Determination Type LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3R   Maintain Order of Screens LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3U   Maintain User Settings LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT3Z   Assign Secondary Screens LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OMT4   Customizing for EAN Messages LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OPPE20   Profile Maintenance iPPE PS LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
OPPEDOK   Documentation LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
OS11   Spare Part Indicators LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS12   Material Provision Indicators LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS13   Item Categories LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS14   Material Types Allowed in BOM Item LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS15   Variable-Size Item Formulas LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS16   BOM Item Object Type LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS17   Explosion Types LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS18   Relevancy to costing LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS20   BOM Usage LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS21   BOM Usage Default Values LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS22   Copying Defaults for Item Statuses LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS23   BOM Statuses LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS24   Material Types Allowed in BOMs LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS25   BOMs with History Requirement LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS26   Laboratory/Office LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS27   Modification Parameters for BOMs LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS28   Defaults for BOMs LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS29   User-Specific Settings for BOMs LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS30   Application LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS31   BOM Usage Priorities LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS32   Alternative BOM Determination LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS33   Alt. Determination in Inventory Mgmt LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS34   Alt. Determination in Costing LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS35   Alt. Determination in Production LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS36   Alt. Determination in SD LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS37   Alt. Determination in PM LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS38   Alt. Determination in MRP LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS40   Generate BOM Transfer File LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS41   Transfer BOM without Long Text LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS47   Field Groups: Assigned Fields LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS48   Field Groups: Definition and Descs LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OS70   User-Specific List Profiles LO-MD-BOM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OSPX   Customizing stock determination LO-MD   LO   BBPCRM  
OSPY   Conversion for withdrawal seq. grp LO-MD   LO   BBPCRM  
OW00   Default values for fields in views LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW01   Ref. plant per distribution chain LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW12   Maintain V_WEWU for 01/02 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW16   V_WEWU maintenance for 01/06 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW21   V_WEWU maintenance for 02/01 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW22   V_WEWU maintenance for 02/02 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW31   V_WEWU maintenance for 3/01 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW33   V_WEWU maintenance for 03/03 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW41   V_WEWU maintenance for 04/01 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW53   Maintain V_WEWU for 05/03 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW54   Maintain V_WEWU for 05/04 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW55   V_WEWU maintenance for 05/05 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW63   Maintain V_WEWU for 06/03 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW64   Maintain V_WEWU for 06/04 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
OW65   V_WEWU maintenance for 06/05 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
PDN   Product Designer Workbench LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
PIDE   Settings for Data Exchange LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
PIDV   Settings for Data Exchange LO-MD-BP-VM   LO   SAP_APPL  
PITC   Maintain Tax Classifications LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
PITM   Mapping Tax Classification LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
PITX   Mapping Text IDs R/3 <-> CRM LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
PIVV   Filter Mode Relating to KNVV LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
PPE   iPPE Workbench LO-MD-PPE   LO   ECC-DIMP  
PPECFP1   Transfer iPPE Changes LO-MD-PPE   LO   ECC-DIMP  
PPECFP1_CHECK   Check iPPE Transfer Packages LO-MD-PPE   LO   ECC-DIMP  
PPECIF_LOG_SHOW   Display iPPE-CIF Comparison Log LO-MD-PPE   LO   ECC-DIMP  
PPECMP   Configuration Comparison LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
PPECMP_STTA   Control Table LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
PPEHDR_DEL   Delete iPPE Production Versions LO-MD-PPE   LO   ECC-DIMP  
PPEPS   iPPE PS Interface LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
PPE_BAL_COUNT_WDUR   Calculation of Weighted Duration LO-MD-PPE   LO   ECC-DIMP  
PRFAM   Maintain Price Families LO-MD-RPC   LO   EA-RETAIL  
R2RMM126   Misc. Mass Update for Matl Master LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
R2RMM140   Monitor Changed Planned Prices LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
R2RMM142   Effect of recently changed price LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
REFSITE   Reference site management LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
RKE_VD03   Start VD03 LO-MD   LO   SAP_APPL  
RWBE   Stock Overview LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
STCU   Assign Secondary Screens LO-MD-MM   LO   ECC-DIMP  
S_AC0_52000167   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AC0_52000168   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AC0_52000866   (empty) LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AC0_52000868   (empty) LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AC0_52000869   (empty) LO-MD-BP-CM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AEN_10000120   (empty) LO-MD-RA   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000138   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000139   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000140   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000141   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000142   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000213   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000214   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000261   (empty) LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000262   (empty) LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000313   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000314   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000377   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000378   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000404   (empty) LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000427   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000429   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000430   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000431   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000529   (empty) LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000572   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000574   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000576   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000582   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000583   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000584   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000585   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000586   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000587   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000588   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000589   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000591   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000623   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000624   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000627   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000628   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000629   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000630   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000693   (empty) LO-MD-PPW   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000795   (empty) LO-MD   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10000837   (empty) LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_AEN_10001013   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AL0_96000297   (empty) LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000586   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000587   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000617   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000670   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000671   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000672   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000673   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000674   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000675   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000676   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000677   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000678   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000737   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALI_97000053   (empty) LO-MD-PPE   LO   ECC-DIMP  
S_ALN_01000254   (empty) LO-MD-QO   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000679   (empty) LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000929   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000930   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000932   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000933   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000935   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000936   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000937   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01000938   (empty) LO-MD-MM   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01001103   (empty) LO-MD-RA-ASL   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01001104   (empty) LO-MD-RA-ASL   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01001105   (empty) LO-MD-RA-ASL   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01001371   (empty) LO-MD-SE-MT   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01001505   (empty) LO-MD-QO   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01002202   (empty) LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01002332   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01002333   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01002334   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALN_01002336   (empty) LO-MD-RPC   LO   EA-RETAIL  
S_ALR_87001653   IMG Activity: W_DF_LT_0820 LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87001654   IMG Activity: W_DF_LT_0810 LO-MD-RPC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006075   IMG Activity: OADV1 LO-MD-PC   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006076   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0212 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006081   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0211 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006085   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0219 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006089   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0263 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006093   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0262 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006097   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0213 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006101   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0218 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006105   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0217 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006110   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0216 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006114   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0215 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006118   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0214 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006121   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0221 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006123   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0230 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006128   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0220 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006133   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0210 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006137   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0240 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006142   IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0222 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006149   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0261 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006162   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0253 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006168   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0251 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006174   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0252 LO-MD-PR   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007192   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0130 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007194   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0109 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007198   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0106 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007202   IMG Activity: W_DF_EK_0155 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007205   IMG Activity: W_DF_EK_0160 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007207   IMG Activity: W_DF_EK_0151 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007211   IMG Activity: W_DF_EK_0153 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007215   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0140 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007217   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0105 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007218   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0111 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007220   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0110 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007221   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0120 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007222   IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0150 LO-MD-RA-MT   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007631   IMG Activity: SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0226 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007632   IMG Activity: W_ZF_ST_0730 LO-MD-MG   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007636   IMG Activity: W_ZF_ST_0720 LO-MD-MG   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007638   IMG Activity: SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0225 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007641   IMG Activity: W_ZF_ST_0710 LO-MD-MG   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007642   IMG Activity: SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0224 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007645   IMG Activity: W_ZF_ST_0740 LO-MD-MG   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007647   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0227 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007650   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0228 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007653   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0112 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007657   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0111 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007660   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0225 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007664   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0224 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007667   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0221 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007671   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0172 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007673   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0120 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007677   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0170 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007682   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0110 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007687   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0160 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007692   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0175 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007696   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0173 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87007701   IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0226 LO-MD-PL   LO   SAP_APPL