SAP TCodes in Module PP-PI(Production Planning for Process Industries) (Production Planning for Process Industries)

TCode List
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
C223   Maintain Production Versions PP-PI-MD   PP   SAP_APPL  
C223_D   Display Production Version PP-PI-MD   PP   SAP_APPL  
C252   Print Production Versions PP-PI-MD   PP   SAP_APPL  
CADT   Downtime for Capacity Category PP-PI   PP   SAP_APPL  
CMX01   XSteps: Register Applications PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX02   XSteps: Define BAdI Filter Values PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX03   XSteps: Register Services PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX04   XSteps: Release Namespaces PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX05   XSteps: BADI Monitor PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX10   XSEditor:Maintain BAdI Filter Values PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX20   SXS Repository: Authorization Groups PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX21   SXS Repository: Customizing PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX22   Define Reference Plant PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX23   XSteps: Translatable PI Characts PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX24   XSteps: Desired Standard Language PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMXSV   Standard XStep Repository PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMXSVN   Cross-Plant SXS Repository PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX_XS_ARC   XSteps: Generate Archive Files PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX_XS_ARCHIVE   Archiving XSteps PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX_XS_DEL   XSteps: Start Delete Program PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CMX_XS_MANAGE   XSteps: Management PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
CO51   Send Process Messages PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO52   Evaluate Process Data PP-PI-PMA   PP   SAP_APPL  
CO53   Control Recipe Monitor PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
CO53XT   Monitor Control Instructions/Recipes PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
CO53_BJS   Send Control Instructions/Recipes PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
CO54   Message Monitor PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO54XT   Monitor for Process Messages PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO54_BJS_PD   Send Process Messages (Plant-Dep.) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO54_BJS_PI   Send Process Messages (Plant-Indep.) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO55   Worklist for Maintaining PI Sheets PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO56   Display PI Sheet PP-PI-PMA-MGT   PP   SAP_APPL  
CO57   Create Message Manually PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO58   Maintain PI Sheet PP-PI-PMA-MGT   PP   SAP_APPL  
CO59   Delete PI Sheet PP-PI-PMA-MGT   PP   SAP_APPL  
CO60   Find PI Sheet PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO60D   PI Sheet: Display PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO60E   PI Sheet: Change PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO60XT   Find Work Instructions PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO60_VM   ALV Variant Maint. PI Sheet Worklist PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO62   Delete Process Messages PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO63   Evaluate Deletion Logs PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
CO64   Worklist for Completing PI Sheets PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO67   Worklist for Checking PI Sheets PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CO69   Create Message Automatically PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
COCR_NUM   Early Number Assignment for XStep PP-PI-POR   PP   EA-APPL  
COCR_PROF   Assign Standard XStep Profile PP-PI-POR   PP   EA-APPL  
COCS   Batch Record: Signature Strategy PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
COCU1   Batch Record: Document Profile PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
COCU2   Batch Record: L-Profile, Dev.Anal. PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
COCU3   Batch Record: Signature Strategy PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
COCU4   Batch Record: Cover Page PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
COEBR   Batch Record PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
COID   Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI PP-PI-POR   PP   SAP_APPL  
COIF   Production Notes PP-PI-POR   PP   SAP_APPL  
COIK   Picking list PP-PI-POR   PP   SAP_APPL  
COIO   Order Info System for PP-PI PP-PI-POR   PP   SAP_APPL  
CONC   No.Range for CtrlRecipes: COCB_CRID PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
CONM   No.Range for Proc.Messages:COCB_MSID PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
COOPC   OPC Test Environment PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
COOPC1   Define Settings for SAP ODA PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
COOPCI   Define OPC Items PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
COOPCS   Define OPC Servers PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
COPOC   Process Manufacturing Cockpit PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
CPCN   Nummernkreispflege: PCAMPAIGN PP-PI-PCM   PP   SAP_APPL  
CR24   Create Resource Network PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CR25   Change Resource Network PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CR26   Display Resource Network PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CR31   Create Hierarchy PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CR32   Change Hierarchy PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CR33   Display Hierarchy PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CRC0   (empty) PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CRC1   Create Resource PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CRC2   Change Resource PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CRC3   Display Resource PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CRC4   Change Default Resource PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CRCC   Current Settings - Resources PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
CRT3   Upload C Tables Resource 3.0a PP-PI-MD-RSC   PP   SAP_APPL  
DEDT   Define Downtime PP-PI   PP   SAP_APPL  
DTR0   Enter Downtimes PP-PI   PP   SAP_APPL  
MIRCMR   Material Reconciliation PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
MRCHVW   Batch mgmt with reconciliation PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
MR_BEWART   Material Reconciliation PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
MR_FORM   Reconciliation: Formula PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
MR_PARAM   Reconciliation: Formula Parameter PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
O03C   Assign Target Fields to Mess. Dest. PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
O06C   Define Process Manufacturing Cockpit PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
O06S   Define Process Manufacturing Cockpit PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
O08C   Release Char. Grp for Proc. Messages PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O09C   Release Char. Group for Proc. Instr. PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O10C   Assig. Ctrl Rec. Dest./Proc. Instr. PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
O10CXT   Change Destination for XSteps PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
O12C   Assign Charact. / Proc. Instr. Cat. PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
O15C   Overview Var.: PI Sheet Selection PP-PI-PMA-MGT   PP   SAP_APPL  
O20C   ProcMgmt: Copy Settings betw. Plants PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O21C   PP-PI: Where-Used List for Charact. PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O22C   Copy SAP Messages (Standard) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
O22C_VHUMI   Copy Message Cats Mat.Ident./Reconc. PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
O23C   Client Copy of PP-PI Characteristics PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O23C_VHUMI   Copy Material Ident. Characteristics PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
O24C   Copy SAP Messages (Generic) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
O25C   Create Charac. with PP-PI Attributes PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O25X   Create Charac. with PP-PI Attributes PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O26C   Change Charac. with PP-PI Attributes PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O26X   Change Charac. with PP-PI Attributes PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O27C   Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribute PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O27X   Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribute PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
O28C   Copy SAP Messages (Central) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
O29C   Copy SAP Messages (Decentralized) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
OPMC   Activation of Enhancement Objects PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
OPMCF   PDF Form: Plant Assignment PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
PCA0   Production campaign menu PP-PI-PCM   PP   SAP_APPL  
PCA1   Creating a Production Campaign PP-PI-PCM   PP   SAP_APPL  
PCA2   Change Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen PP-PI-PCM   PP   SAP_APPL  
PCA3   Display Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen PP-PI-PCM   PP   SAP_APPL  
PCCO   Production Campaign: Costs PP-PI-PCM   PP   SAP_APPL  
PFSM   Start Download of PFS Master Data PP-PI-PFS   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_AL0_96000310   (empty) PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_ALN_01000601   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000603   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000963   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000966   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001115   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001116   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001117   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001118   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001119   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87005962   IMG Activity: PPPI_PC_100 PP-PI-PCM   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_ALR_87006817   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_220 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006819   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_230 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006821   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_254 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006822   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_253 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006824   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_252 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006826   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_251 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006828   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_300 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006829   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_420 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006830   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_410 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006832   IMG Activity: PPPI_PO_720 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006833   IMG Activity: PPPI_PO_740 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006835   IMG Activity: PPPI_PO_730 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87006837   IMG Activity: PPPI_PD_255 PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87007308   IMG Activity: COCB420 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007314   IMG Activity: COCB440 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007321   IMG Activity: COCB433-54 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007328   IMG Activity: COCB436-4 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007336   IMG Activity: COCB431 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007344   IMG Activity: COCB432 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007451   IMG Activity: COCB340 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007459   IMG Activity: COCB350 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007467   IMG Activity: COCB411 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007474   IMG Activity: COCB412 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007482   IMG Activity: COCB412-1 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007486   IMG Activity: COCB437 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007492   IMG Activity: COCB610 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007501   IMG Activity: COCB620 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007504   IMG Activity: COCB630 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007519   IMG Activity: COCB433 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007524   IMG Activity: COCB434 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007528   IMG Activity: COCB435 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007532   IMG Activity: COCB436 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007542   IMG Activity: COCB530 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007545   IMG Activity: COCB520 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007550   IMG Activity: COCB510 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007553   IMG Activity: COCB553 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007557   IMG Activity: COCB552 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007560   IMG Activity: COCB551 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007564   IMG Activity: COCB642 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007569   IMG Activity: COCB641 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007573   IMG Activity: COCB332-1 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007576   IMG Activity: COCB310 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007580   IMG Activity: COCB310-11 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007584   IMG Activity: COCB310-12 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007588   IMG Activity: COCB310-13 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007592   IMG Activity: COCB332 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007596   IMG Activity: COCB331 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87007599   IMG Activity: COCB554 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87008812   IMG Activity: COCB320 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87009548   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_ALR_87009569   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87009570   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87009581   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87009582   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87009583   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87009584   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87099928   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_ALR_87100805   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000095   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000096   IMG Activity PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000099   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000100   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000101   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000109   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000110   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000111   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000112   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000114   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000115   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000116   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000117   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000119   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000121   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000122   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000123   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000124   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000125   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000126   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000127   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000146   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-PMC   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000155   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000156   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000157   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000158   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-MSG   PP   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000250   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_EAE_99000004   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_EBS_44000144   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000145   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000149   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000157   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000158   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000159   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000160   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000195   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EBS_44000196   (empty) PP-PI-CFB   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_EE5_50000247   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_EE5_50000309   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_EE5_50000310   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_P00_07000108   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_P00_07000152   Customizing PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_P00_07000222   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_P00_07000223   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_P00_07000266   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_P00_07000299   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_P99_41000108   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_P99_41000227   (empty) PP-PI-PDO   PP   BBPCRM  
S_P99_41000291   (empty) PP-PI-MIR   PP   SAP_APPL  
S_PLN_06000188   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_06000193   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_06000194   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_06000201   (empty) PP-PI-POR   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_06000249   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_06000250   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_06000251   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_06000386   (empty) PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_16000038   IMG Activity: COOPC110 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_16000039   IMG Activity: COOPC120 PP-PI-PMA   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_16000069   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
S_PLN_16000108   (empty) PP-PI-PMA-RCP   PP   EA-APPL  
TCodes by Each Module
AC 83
AIE 260
AP 1,210
BC 4,024
BW 1,091
CA 10,821
CO 1,733
CRM 27,278
CS 15
DI 40
EC 853
EHS 1,882
EP 377
FI 7,355
FIN 2,609
FS 4,012
GRC 710
ICM 1,543
IM 303
IS-A 569
IS-AD 357
IS-B 1,844
IS-DFS 492
IS-EC 233
IS-H 361
IS-HT 314
IS-M 3,306
IS-MP 166
IS-OIL 1,906
IS-PS-CA 152
IS-REA 178
IS-T 76
IS-U 1,961
KM 165
LE 842
LO 3,713
MM 1,028
OPU 169
PA 4,805
PE 787
PLM 382
PM 1,238
PP 1,824
PPM 482
PS 665
PSM 2,183
PT 898
PY 24,824
QM 350
RE 2,439
SCM 88
SD 1,445
SLL 1,578
SRM 1,726
SV 1,412
TR 367
WEC 112
WP 26
XAP 62