Analytics for SAP TCode ENHE_SYNCUNIT  
Match Up Dimension/Unit of Measure

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 ENHE_SYNCUNIT Analytics Data
EMINT_EC_ENH (EC Integration in Specification Management)
Name Starts With
Parant Package
EA-PLM (Structure Package R/3 Enterprise PLM Extension)
Application Component
EHS-BD-SPE (Specification Management)
Application Component
EHS-BD (Basic Data and Tools)
Application Component
EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)
Software Component
EA-APPL (SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials)
  ENHE_SYNCUNIT Analytics - Package EMINT_EC_ENH
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
ENHE_SYNCSUB   Match Up Specification Data EHS-BD-SPE   EHS   EA-APPL  
ENHE_SYNCUNIT   Match Up Dimension/Unit of Measure EHS-BD-SPE   EHS   EA-APPL  
  ENHE_SYNCUNIT Analytics - Name Starts With ENHE_%
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
ENHE_SYNCSUB   Match Up Specification Data EHS-BD-SPE   EHS   EA-APPL  
ENHE_SYNCUNIT   Match Up Dimension/Unit of Measure EHS-BD-SPE   EHS   EA-APPL  
  ENHE_SYNCUNIT Analytics - Parant Package EA-PLM
TCode Description Module Top Module Component
ACOMPXPD   Progress Tracking Evaluations PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
ADPMPS   PM/PS Integration CA   CA   EA-APPL  
ADPMPS2   PM/PS Integration CA   CA   EA-APPL  
AXPD   Progress Tracking Evaluations PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
CC04P   Parameter Transaction for CC04 LO-PDM-GF-OBR   LO   EA-APPL  
CCM2   Configuration Control Workbench PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
CCSEQ_CSGUPD   Update Change Sequence Graph LO-ECH   LO   EA-APPL  
CCSEQ_CUST   Activate Change Sequence Graph LO-ECH   LO   EA-APPL  
CCSEQ_CYCLE   Display Cycles LO-ECH   LO   EA-APPL  
CDESK_CUS   Customizing CAD Desktop CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
CDESK_DEL_DBTRACE   CAD Desktop: Delete Trace CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
CDESK_READ_DBTRACE   CAD Desktop: Analyze Trace CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
CDESK_SAVE_DBTRACE   Save Database Trace CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
CLIST   Configuration Ctrl.: Component List PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
CLIST_UPD_RESB   Internal TCode for CLIST Reservation PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
CLUNDO   Undo Changes (CA-CL) CA-CL   CA   EA-APPL  
CMAP0   Configurable Semantic Mapping LO-PDM-GF   LO   EA-APPL  
CNFOWB   Forecast Workbench PS-COS-PLN   PS   EA-APPL  
CNMM   Project-Oriented Procurement PS-MAT-PRO   PS   EA-APPL  
CNPAR   Partner Overview PS-IS-REP   PS   EA-APPL  
COMPXPD   Progress Tracking for Components PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
CVAW_CUST   Customizing for CVAW CA-DMS   CA   EA-APPL  
DCSWI   Document Browser Switch CA-DMS   CA   EA-APPL  
DEXP   Expediting PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
DIACLC1   Logbook: counter type definition PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIACLC2   Customizing for cntr upd in Logbook PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIACLC3   Logbook: Dig. signature customizing PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIACLC4   Log Entry Type customizing PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIACL_CUST_LBK_SMODE   Set logbook sync mode PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIOHFWC1   Application definition (cust.) PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIOHFWC2   Node type specification (Customizing PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIOHFWC3   Hierarchy definition (customizing) PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIOHFWC4   Fcode definitions (customizing) PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIWPSC2   Custom. of Time Interval in MEB PLM   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIWPSC3   Customizing of Fleet for the MEB PLM   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIWPSC4   Customizing of Revision Type PLM   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIWPS_REVNR   Number range maintenance: WPS_REV PLM   PLM   EA-APPL  
DIWPS_REVNRS   Number Range Maintenance: WPS_REV PLM   PLM   EA-APPL  
DP101   Reset Billing Plan Date PS-REV   PS   EA-APPL  
DP93   Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes PS-REV-ACT   PS   EA-APPL  
DP94   Billing btwn Co.Codes (Coll.Proc.) PS-REV-ACT   PS   EA-APPL  
DRAW_RES   Display Reserve Fields CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
EASYDMS_CUS   Customizing Easy Document Management CA-DMS   CA   EA-APPL  
ENHE_SYNCSUB   Match Up Specification Data EHS-BD-SPE   EHS   EA-APPL  
ENHE_SYNCUNIT   Match Up Dimension/Unit of Measure EHS-BD-SPE   EHS   EA-APPL  
EXPD   Expediting PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
EXPD_STNUM   Number Range Status Information PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
FPB_LP_PSS_REP_CUST   PSS Reporting Report Customizing EP-PCT-PLM-PSS   EP   EA-APPL  
IE36   Display Vehicles PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
IE37   Change Vehicles PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
IE4N   Equipment Installation and Dismant. PM-EQM-EQ   PM   EA-APPL  
IE4NCGP   Maintain General Settings for IE4N PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
IE4NORG   User-Group-Specific Settings PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
IE4NUSR   User-Specific Settings PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
IFCU   Consumption Transaction PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
IL21   Heal from INHB PM-EQM-EQ   PM   EA-APPL  
ILM_EQM1   Create Equipment PM-WOC   PM   EA-APPL  
ILM_EQM2   Change Equipment PM-WOC   PM   EA-APPL  
ILM_EQM3   Display Equipment PM-WOC   PM   EA-APPL  
ILM_WOC1   Create Notification PM-WOC   PM   EA-APPL  
ILM_WOC2   Change Notification PM-WOC   PM   EA-APPL  
ILM_WOC3   Display Notification PM-WOC   PM   EA-APPL  
IOCI_FCON2   OCI:Convert HTML Field Values PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
IOCI_FUNCM   OCI: Conversion Functions PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
IOCI_ORGU   OCI: Assign Catalogs to Order Type PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
IW37N   Change Orders and Operations PM   PM   EA-APPL  
IW49N   Display Orders and Operations PM   PM   EA-APPL  
IWR1   Create / Change Revision PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
IWR2   Display Revision PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
LBK1   Logbook Application PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
MPLT   Test Appl. for Interface to iPPE WB PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
NTWXPD   Progress Tracking:Networks PS-COS-PLN   PS   EA-APPL  
OCCM1   Equip. BOM Settings for CC PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
ODP11   DIP Profile: Billing Plan Integratn PS-REV   PS   EA-APPL  
ODP14   Fixed Price Condition for Billing PS-REV   PS   EA-APPL  
OIFL   Vehicle List PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
OIWUN   Order- and Operation List PM   PM   EA-APPL  
OMPL1   Specify system messages PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
PAM00   Create PAM Requirement PM-WOC-MN   PM   EA-APPL  
PAM01   Create Pools PM-WOC-MN   PM   EA-APPL  
PAM02   Maintain Pools PM-WOC-MN   PM   EA-APPL  
PAM03   Graphical Operational Planning (PAM) PM-WOC-MN   PM   EA-APPL  
PHIN_ORGANIZER2   CALL Record Management from THO PM-EQM-THO   PM   EA-APPL  
PLMC_FMEA_SFAC_AQN   Field Selection: FMEA List Items QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
PLMC_FMEA_SFAC_COR   Field Selection: FMEA Measure QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
PSHLP10   Project Worklist PS-ST   PS   EA-APPL  
PSHLP20   Project Editor PS-ST   PS   EA-APPL  
PSHLP30   Draft Workbench PS   PS   EA-APPL  
PSHLP90   Administrator Workbench PS   PS   EA-APPL  
QCC_STABI   Copy Stability Study Customizing QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QCC_STABI_NK   Copy Stability Study Number Ranges QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QGA4   General QM Evaluations QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
QM_FMEA_RESIDENCE   FMEA: Determine Residence Duration QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
QP21S   Create Inspection Plan from a Source QM-PT-IP   QM   EA-APPL  
QPCG   Synchr. Insp. Plan from Ext. Source QM-PT-IP   QM   EA-APPL  
QPCP   Control Plan QM-PT-CP   QM   EA-APPL  
QPCP_NUM   Number Range for Control Plan QM-PT-CP   QM   EA-APPL  
QS21S   Create Master Insp.Char. from Source QM-PT-IP   QM   EA-APPL  
QS41_EXT   Mapping for Code Groups and Codes QM-PT-IP   QM   EA-APPL  
QST01   Create Stability Study QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST03   Display Stability History QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST04   Display Inspection Plans QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST05   Graphical Scheduling Overview QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST06   Scheduling Overview (StabilityStudy) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST07   Change Testing Schedule Items QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST08   Display Testing Schedule Items QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST09   Maintain Planning Building Block QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
QST10   Display Planning Module QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
RCNPRECP   Activation of ECP Plan Versions PS-COS-PLN-CAL   PS   EA-APPL  
RLMFW_CUST   Settings for Release Management PLM-PPM   PLM   EA-APPL  
RLMFW_NUM   Number Ranges for Release Management PLM-PPM   PLM   EA-APPL  
RLMFW_OOCU   Processor in Release Management PLM-PPM   PLM   EA-APPL  
RLMFW_ORDER   Edit Release Order PLM-PPM   PLM   EA-APPL  
STEP10   Export STEP Data LO-PDM-GF   LO   EA-APPL  
STEP20   Import STEP Data LO-PDM-GF   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000076   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000077   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000132   (empty) PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000133   (empty) PM-WOC-MO   PM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000382   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000383   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000397   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000398   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000399   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000400   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000417   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000463   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000464   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000465   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000495   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000599   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000600   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000665   (empty) PLM-PPM   PLM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000675   (empty) PLM-PPM   PLM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000676   (empty) PLM-PPM   PLM   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000791   (empty) EP-PCT-PLM-PSS   EP   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000792   (empty) EP-PCT-PLM-PSS   EP   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000793   (empty) EP-PCT-PLM-PSS   EP   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000794   (empty) EP-PCT-PLM-PSS   EP   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000802   (empty) LO-ECH   LO   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000803   (empty) EP-PCT-PLM-PSS   EP   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000812   (empty) EP-PCT-PLM-PSS   EP   EA-APPL  
S_AEN_10000936   (empty) CA-DMS   CA   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000216   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000217   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000218   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000219   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000221   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000222   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000330   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000331   (empty) QM-QC-AQC   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000424   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000516   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000521   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000522   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000523   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_AER_95000524   (empty) QM-PT-FA   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALI_97000035   (empty) PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
S_ALI_97000036   (empty) PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
S_ALI_97000063   (empty) PLM-LBK   PLM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000162   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000163   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000164   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000165   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000166   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000169   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000180   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000181   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000182   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000277   Test PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000278   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000279   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000280   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000281   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000282   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000283   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000284   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000285   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000286   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000287   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000288   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000289   (empty) PS-PRG-TRC   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000332   (empty) PS-CLM   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000337   (empty) PS-CLM   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000357   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000358   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000359   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000360   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000361   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000362   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000363   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000364   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000366   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000367   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000368   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000369   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000370   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000374   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000378   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000418   (empty) PS-MAT-PRO   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000419   (empty) PS-MAT-PRO   PS   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000433   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000449   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000450   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000451   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000452   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000453   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000454   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000455   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000456   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000457   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000458   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000459   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000460   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000461   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000463   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000464   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000465   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000469   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000471   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000472   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000473   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000474   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000475   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000476   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000477   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000478   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000479   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000480   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000481   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000482   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000483   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000484   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000485   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000847   (empty) CA-DMS   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000885   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000897   (empty) PM-WCM   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000906   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000909   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000911   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000912   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000913   (empty) QM-IM   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000926   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000956   (empty) CA-CAD   CA   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000968   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000969   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000987   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000988   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01000989   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001048   (empty) PM-EQM-EQ   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001056   (empty) PM-EQM-EQ   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01001057   (empty) PM-EQM-EQ   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002040   (empty) QM-IM-RR   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002041   (empty) QM-IM-RR   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002043   (empty) QM-IM-RR   QM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002103   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002104   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002107   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002108   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002109   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002122   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002138   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002139   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002140   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002149   (empty) PM-EQM-SF-MPC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002180   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002181   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002182   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002183   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002184   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002185   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002187   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002188   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002189   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002190   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002191   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002193   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002194   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002195   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002196   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002197   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_ALN_01002213   (empty) LO-PDM   LO   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000001   (empty) PM-EQM-CC   PM   EA-APPL  
S_E36_82000002   (empty) PM-EQM-CC   PM